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We have many salary surveys that we participate in, and as a healthcare organization competing in a very competitive market, we need to be able to consolidate our 20+ surveys into one space where we can easily pull data from and have easy access at any given moment.

Virginia Mason Medical Center – Joseph P.

I’m in for Payfactors. It’s a great company and a great tool. The people there, when I reach out to them, and I need help or I need support, it’s automatic. Six and a half months later, after going through the Payfactors experience, we were able to launch a compensation model for Jane which revolutionized the way we did talent acquisition.

Jane.com – Ethan Medeiros

My favorite aspect of Payfactors is the focus on customer service. Everyone I’ve dealt with is so willing to help. I haven’t found anything to dislike. I have been very impressed.

TD Bank – Jennifer Mielo-Shook

Payfactors have thought of every piece of compensation information you could possibly need or want. We have been thrilled with the service as well. We have not been disappointed with any part of [Payfactors] thus far.

United Airlines – Andrea Fee

The job description module, by far, is the best in the industry. The ability to route job descriptions for approval is so simple and meaningful for our organization, especially when it comes to auditing. We just completed a HUGE Career Framework / Job Architecture project that we wouldn’t have been able to complete without Payfactors.

First Citizens Bank – Jason S.

Peer offers exactly what we are looking for, and that is real-time data. We are dealing with pay equity issues that need to be addressed quickly and not months later. Using surveys is becoming an outdated method of gathering data. By the time we receive them, the data is already too old.

Stifel Financial Corp. – Eden Setterlund

I like the ability to get market values in real time with Peer. For some jobs, the data is continually changing, and it can be hard to get these recent changes from traditional surveys. We can always find a benchmark in Peer.

PetSmart – Erin Stoloff, Senior Manager
Erin Stoloff, Senior Manager – Human Capital Solutions, PetSmart, Inc.

As far as Peer goes, we are all about it. It is innovative and cool. I feel good about the data. It is a new world, and I am impressed with the innovation.

ClassPass – Andrew Cecchetti
Andrew Cecchetti, Senior HR Analyst, ClassPass

Payfactors gives us confidence at Kendra Scott in how we are paying our employees

Kendra Scott
Senior Compensation Professional Clean Harbors