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What it Really Means to Revolutionize Comp

Like you, everyone here at Payfactors is passionate about compensation. We know that if we don’t get comp right, nothing else matters.

But this industry hasn’t seen any innovation in decades. And it’s frustrating, to say the least. So, after spending way too long feeling fed up, we’ve set out to revolutionize comp.

When we first launched The Comp Revolution and asked people to join us, we wanted to make sure everyone understood exactly why we’re so obsessed with innovating this industry. 

So my colleagues and I sat down with our CEO and co-founder Jeff Laliberte to get his take on what revolutionizing compensation really means and why he’s so motivated to do it.

One thing he said that really resonated with me is, “We have the opportunity to take the art of compensation and shine a spotlight on it. This is our collective industry, our collective future. It’s time to get off the sidelines and have an impact.”

Check out everything Jeff had to say about The Comp Revolution in this video.


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