Storytelling with Data — Comp + Coffee: Ep. 35

When you think about storytelling, what immediately pops into your brain? Does it involve, say, a princess in a tower or maybe a few dwarves with colorful names?

Most people are probably nodding their heads right now. It makes sense — culture has us programmed to associate storytelling with a fairytale that starts with “Once Upon a Time.”

But telling stories isn’t exclusive to urban legends and animated movies with singing animals. It can also be used to illuminate — wait for it — your data.

On this episode of Comp + Coffee, the hosts are joined by Cole Nussbaumer Knaflic, CEO of Storytelling with Data. They chat about how to get your data story started, how to visualize data for every level of your company, and Cole gives some tips on how you can make your data more engaging in a snap.

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