Stan Dunlap is the Latest Keynote Speaker for CompCon ‘19!

We’ve got a fresh CompCon announcement for you, hot off the presses!

Today’s news is especially exciting because — are you all on the edge of your seats?! — it’s time to introduce our second CompCon ‘19 keynote speaker!

The newest addition to the keynote roster is none other than Stan Dunlap, Executive Vice President of Global Rewards at Salesforce.

Stan has extensive experience designing and managing global employee compensation and benefits programs at all levels.

At Salesforce, he leads global compensation, benefits, mobility, and immigration functions. He’s also responsible for executive, incentive and equity compensation, global employee benefits, and he supports the Salesforce Compensation Committee.

Our newest keynote is clearly a titan in the compensation world, but he’s also been a driving force for one of Salesforce’s most important initiatives — ending the gender pay gap.

Salesforce has been one of the first public companies to actively showcase what they’re doing to help end pay inequality between men and women.

And Stan has been a pivotal player in this effort.

We’re so excited to hear him speak more about Salesforce’s inspirational mission and his role in ending pay inequality.

This is an incredibly important topic and I don’t want you to miss out! So, I’m going to get you into CompCon for $99 if you buy your ticket using the code DUNLAP by July 4.

Get your ticket and I’ll see you in San Francisco!