Soft Skills — Comp + Coffee: Ep. 30

If you were applying for a job 40 years ago, it’s likely the manager would be looking strictly at the technical skills that qualified you for the role.

They were interested in your hard skills.

Fast forward to the modern workplace and we can all agree — times have changed! The manager hiring you nowadays isn’t just looking to see if you’re a proficient typer or if your coding is up to snuff. They care about those skills, of course, but they’re also taking your soft skills into consideration.

What’re soft skills?

Well, if hard skills are the tangible, job-centric skills, soft skills are more about interpersonal connection. Think things like communication, collaboration, and time management.

On this episode of Comp + Coffee, we’re joined by Dr. Achyuta Adhvaryu, assistant professor at the University of Michigan, who conducted a fascinating study on the correlation of soft skills and productivity in the workplace.

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