Say goodbye to salary surveys

Introducing Peer by Payfactors

Peer is the comp industry’s only real-time exchange. It’s not another survey.

Instead, you’re part of a living, dynamic market, with data as fresh as legally allowed.

Peer is growing every day with accurate market data across the globe.

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With Peer, you don’t need to buy multiple surveys just to cover all your jobs. All the data you need is in one place.

Plus, surveys can’t give you data this fresh, accurate, and granular. No other single source has data for:

  • New jobs that survey vendors haven’t heard of (like AI or telemedicine)
  • In-demand skills that are too granular to report (like languages or software)
  • Fast-moving geographies that change by the month (like industry- or urban-hubs)
  • Emerging markets that aren’t accounted for (like Venezuela or the Middle East)

The best part? You can get started immediately. Peer isn’t tied to survey seasons and participation deadlines. It’s ready when you are. Join today, get data today.


 5 Reasons to choose Peer over your surveys



No more struggling to adjust for geo differentials

Peer gets as granular as zip code. Filter by characteristics like industry, employees, revenue, or date of hire. Drill down into country, state, or city. Set your own scopes and build hyper-relevant cuts.

Looking for data that’s hyper-targeted to your industry? Check out our focused exchanges for:

& more coming soon!

Don’t see an exchange that fits your needs? Or want to set up something private for you and your peers? Let’s talk  — we can help.

About our methodology

Peer data comes directly from HRIS systems. It’s 100% employer-reported, never self-reported. Plus it’s fresh — HRIS integration ensures data is refreshed in our system as it’s updated in yours. So you can trust it’s accurate.

Each Peer cut must include a minimum of 5 companies, and Peer data is at least 90 days old per DOJ guidelines. On the backend, your data is always safe, never identifiable. 


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