Payfactors Wins ‘Best SaaS Product for HR and Recruitment’

Attention, please! We’ve got an announcement — and it’s an exciting one.

Payfactors has won a 2019 SaaS Award for “Best SaaS Product for HR and Recruitment”!

Woo! We’re so, so honored to have been selected for this award.

The competition was fierce — there were 13 other amazing companies just in our category. But, we’re humbled to say we took the cake!

The SaaS Awards recognizes excellence and innovation in software solutions from all over the globe. Winners in each of its categories are selected by a top-notch panel of industry experts.

I know what you’re really wondering, though: What’s this all mean for you? (You wonderful Payfactors user, you!)

It means that you’re a part of what makes the “Best SaaS Product for HR and Recruitment” (a.k.a. Payfactors!) the best. 

We couldn’t have won this award without you. Everything we do, we do for you — our users.

So, this award I’ve been talking about? It’s for you.

Thanks for joining us on our journey to revolutionize comp, one day at a time.