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BambooHR Virtual Summit

Encore Event: BambooHR’s Virtual Summit

By Tessa Newell | April 3, 2020

I think we can all agree, it’s been a difficult few weeks. Times are scary. And as an HR or compensation professional, you’ve probably had to make some urgent choices throughout it all. Our friends at BambooHR know that, and they want to support the HR community in any way they can. So — drumroll,…

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Medians vs. Outliers — Comp + Coffee: Ep. 39

In compensation, we know all about the median. We’re used to paying at the median, targeting the median — but…

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Want a Higher Paying Job? Quit Now. — Comp + Coffee: Ep. 38

If you’ve been daydreaming about ditching your job for a higher-paying role, now might be the time to turn your…

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What is Base Salary vs. Total Cash Compensation?

Whether you’re in HR or working in literally any other field, the term “base salary” is probably a familiar one….

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Reducing Gender Pay Inequality — Comp + Coffee: Ep. 37

Bill’s still on his trip to Tahiti. Kaite’s still out running errands. And Shawn’s still doing pull-ups thanks to that…

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Payfactors is Named One of Boston’s “50 on Fire”

Smell that? That’s the smokey aroma of Payfactors heating up. We’re thrilled to announce that Payfactors has been selected for…

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David Goggins on Mastering Your Mind — Comp + Coffee: Ep. 36

We’ve got a very special episode today. On today’s Comp + Coffee, we’re joined by former Navy SEAL, record-breaking endurance…

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How Comp Strategists Become Strategic Business Allies

This is the third and final post in a three-part series of blogs about becoming a Comp Strategist. (If you…

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Storytelling with Data — Comp + Coffee: Ep. 35

When you think about storytelling, what immediately pops into your brain? Does it involve, say, a princess in a tower…

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Payfactors Wins ‘Best SaaS Product for HR and Recruitment’

Attention, please! We’ve got an announcement — and it’s an exciting one. Payfactors has won a 2019 SaaS Award for…

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Business Roundtable’s Statement — Comp + Coffee: Ep. 34

On the latest episode of Comp + Coffee, we’re diving into some current events: the Business Roundtable’s statement on corporate…

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