How Would Comp Pros Like to Be Measured?

Recently, we’ve been diving into some fresh survey results on the ol’ Comp Blog. Specifically, results from our newest survey, “How is Comp Measured?

(You can check out those blogs on the survey results and on compensation’s true return on investment if you haven’t already!)

And if we had to sum those results up, really quick? 

It’s not great news. 

Turns out, compensation’s performance metrics largely don’t align with major business goals.

Spoiler alert: this misalignment isn’t helping anyone. (Especially not people in HR/comp roles!)

If we were living in a perfect world, those two things would align beautifully.

But — and I probably don’t have to burst this bubble for you — we’re pretty far from that perfect world.

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Things aren’t currently the way we’d like them to be — so, how can we change them?

How would compensation pros like to be measured?

Compensation pros aren’t ignorant to this issue of misalignment — not in the slightest.

They understand that if they’re not being given goal-specific metrics, they’re not being set up for success.

Mapping to goals the company cares about means showing off just how important comp is.

And who benefits from that?

Well…everyone, honestly! But especially all you hard working comp pros!

It was clear from our survey responses that comp professionals are keenly aware that they’re not being measured in the most effective way.

We asked how survey respondents would like their organization to more effectively measure their performance — here’s a little taste of what they said.

☑️ “Create KPIs (key performance indicators) and be consistent.”

☑️ “Truly understand how I look at compensation from an organization perspective and how to get managers to continually look at the bigger picture.”

☑️ “I think we need to determine which HR metrics are linked to organizational success including compensation management metrics.”

And that’s just scratching the surface!

Compensation professionals want to identify and implement key metrics.

They want defined, actionable KPIs.

And they want to understand how their goals are mapping toward the big picture.

How can we make this happen?

One of the most frustrating aspects of this rampant misalignment — from the comp pro’s perspective — is feeling like you have no control.

You probably don’t make your own KPIs, right?!

So, how can you help close the gap between your goals and your organization’s big goals?

(Because, again, you’re only going to be showing off how amazing you are at your job by doing so!)

Well, there’s a way — and we’re sharing some of those insights in our full survey report!

Get the free survey report for yourself and get a breakdown of all the surprising results, plus some tips on how you can make your performance metrics more meaningful.


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