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How Tokio Marine HCC Manages Comp For 20+ Subsidiaries

At Tokio Marine HCC, compensation gets complicated.

With more than 20 subsidiaries — some as small as 10 employees, others bigger than 600 — and continual acquisitions, the specialty insurance group is dynamic. 

Its job markets and employee counts are constantly changing — and the group’s Compensation Manager, Erica Christy, has to stay on her toes. 

Luckily, she’s got a secret weapon to help her keep up: cutting-edge compensation technology.

“If I had to price those jobs manually, it would have taken me weeks to do,” she says. “Payfactors allows me to do an average compensation analysis for all jobs in a business unit usually within half a day or less.”

Watch the video below to hear how Erica saves time and stays strategic with Payfactors.

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