It’s time we put technology to work for compensation

You’re in tech: you know how unique the market is. And generic comp data isn’t going to cut it anymore.

Introducing Payfactors’ Peer High Tech Exchange. Join a living, dynamic market—built just for high-tech.


Keep up with your peers

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Stop estimating. Start exchanging.

No more nine-month-old survey data. In fact, no more surveys at all. Peer gives you real-time data that lets you make really great comp decisions.

Set your own scopes—like company size, revenue, location, and even specific competitors—and build hyper-relevant cuts. Drill down with custom filters, built for your industry.

The best part? You can get started immediately. Peer isn’t tied to survey seasons and participation deadlines. It’s ready when you are. Join today, get data today.

high tech market data

Peer High Tech Exchange shows you what the market is paying now, for skills like:

  • Blockchain
  • iOS/Android
  • Scrum
  • SQL, COBOL, JavaScript
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Machine Learning
  • Cyber Security
  • and more

Plus, get access to our General Industry exchange with data for jobs in HR, legal, IT, and more.



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 Real-Time Market Data for High Tech Jobs



About our methodology

Peer data comes directly from HRIS systems. It’s 100% employer-reported, never self-reported. Plus it’s fresh — HRIS integration ensures data is refreshed in our system as it’s updated in yours. So you can trust it’s accurate.

Each Peer cut must include a minimum of 5 companies, and Peer data is at least 90 days old per DOJ guidelines. On the backend, your data is always safe, never identifiable.