A Good Answer for Your Biggest Weakness — Comp + Coffee: Ep. 28

“What’s your biggest weakness?”

You’ve no doubt received the question in interviews. You’ve maybe even asked it yourself when interviewing others.

“I work too hard?” might be your first response, raised eyebrow and all. Or maybe you might say, “I’m too detail oriented,” hoping the interviewer gives you an approving nod and moves on to the next question.

But when we pause and think about it, “What’s your biggest weakness” is a question that’s really just about being self-aware. The better you know yourself, the more easy the answer to this question becomes.

But here’s a hint: your biggest weakness is also your biggest strength — it just depends on the situation and context to which it applies.

So while this “What’s Your Biggest Weakness?” episode of Comp + Coffee will give you a great answer to the infamous interview question, it goes well beyond doing just that.

On this episode we welcome Rick Mace, executive partner at Siris Capital, who also has more than 30 years of experience leading organizations through scale and change. In addition to his role at Siris, Rick is a member of the Board of Directors of Digital River, TNS, and Hakisa.

Rick joins us in episode 28 of the Comp + Coffee podcast to share his views on strengths and weakness. We specifically discuss:

  • Why your strengths are also your weaknesses
  • How you can identify your strengths (and weaknesses)
  • And then we walk through a real-time strengths and weaknesses identification

Knowing yourself — your strength and your weakness, what motivates you, and more — is critical to advancing your career. As you get more into management, knowing your strengths and weakness will let you build teams that complement you where you’re weak. And knowing when and where to apply your strengths will help you accelerate your career.

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