The Latest Keynote Speaker for CompCon 2019 is Dr. BJ Fogg!

Have we got some exciting news to share today!

It’s time to announce the third keynote speaker who will be joining us at CompCon 2019Dr. BJ Fogg!

A behavior scientist, author, and professor at Stanford University, BJ will share his techniques on how to set small habits that form lasting behaviors.

What kind of lasting behaviors, you ask?

Think: being more productive at work, having more focus for day-to-day tasks, keeping the house clean, or even exercising more often.

At Stanford University, BJ runs a research lab and teaches his methods in graduate seminars.

On the industry side, he trains innovators in fields like health, finance, learning, and productivity to use his work to create solutions that influence behavior.

BJ has personally coached over 40,000 people in forming new habits, using the Tiny Habits method.

His seminal book, Persuasive Technology, along with his early innovations, inspired an annual global conference about how computers can be designed to influence attitudes and behaviors.

BJ’s Stanford students have gone on to co-found Instagram, as well as launch a global movement focusing on “time well spent” and the Center for Humane Technology. 

This amazing keynote will be rounding out the morning of CompCon, Day One, following David Goggins — and we think the two will make a perfect pair.

After Goggins has inspired you to do more than you thought possible, BJ will break down exactly HOW to make lasting changes in your life.

He’ll even be doing some breakout sessions after his talk to do direct coaching with the CompCon attendees. (That could be you!)

This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity — but space at CompCon is quickly running out. As of right now, there are less than 80 tickets left!

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