CompCon 2019 Recap — Comp + Coffee: Ep 40

And that’s a wrap on CompCon 2019!

Our second annual CompCon was such a blast — and a huge success!

500 people attended our two-day event. They enjoyed hearing from keynote speakers like David Goggins and Dr. BJ Fogg, networked at our CompCon after-party, and got an inside look into where Payfactors (and the comp industry) is going.

In this CompCon recap, we’ll discuss:

  • Some of the highlights from CompCon 2019, like our inspirational keynote speaker, David Goggins
  • The breakout sessions where CompCon attendees turned their motivation into meaningful change
  • The discussion of fair pay at CompCon and what this conversation means for compensation management

Already looking forward to CompCon 2020? Hey, us too!

Don’t worry, we’ll have some exciting announcements about next year’s conference coming very soon…

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