How Comp Strategists Communicate Effectively

This is the second post in a three-part series of blogs about becoming a Comp Strategist. (If you haven’t already, go back and give Part 1 a read.)


You’re a compensation whiz. (True, I don’t know you personally, but I just get that sense from you!)

Comp lingo is probably your second language.

Salary structures feel like home, don’t they?

You’re a go-to comp person at your organization — that’s why you’re well on your way to becoming a Comp Strategist!

But Compensation Strategists always keep one very important thing in mind: all that knowledge is a lot less valuable if it can’t be communicated to everyone at your company.

And that knowledge can’t just “be communicated.” It has to be communicated effectively, so that any manager, employee, or exec can understand exactly what you’re saying. Oh, and shameless plug! If you want to become a master communicator, we’ve got tons of resources on this very topic in our free Communicating Comp Toolkit.

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That would be great! How do I pull that off?

You start by communicating clearly, simply, and often. Not just to employees, but to every level of your organization.

And that goes double when it comes to how pay is determined. (That’s what everyone wants to know about, right? Why they’re being paid what they’re being paid!) 

But as a Comp Strategist, you need to go one step further. You need to be anticipating questions, thoughts, and needs about compensation from every level — executives, managers, employees, and sometimes even your own HR department.

Bring employees up to speed on the comp questions they’re afraid to ask.

Educate managers and executives, so they can give informed answers when faced with questions about employee pay.

And, finally, tailor your communication to each of these groups. Find out how each level likes to be communicated with (think: do they respond best to in-person meetings or quick emails?) then adjust your message to accordingly.  

Remind me again — why is this important?

Good question! 

First and foremost, Comp Strategists care about fostering trust and transparency when it comes to comp.

The more communicative and honest you can be, the better relationship you’ll foster with the non-comp people at your organization.

That’s how you create advocates within the company.

That’s how you work to get comp a well-deserved seat at the table.

By tearing down the intimidating mystique of compensation, your company — and our entire industry! — can flourish.

But we’ll get into that in our third and final post of the series…

Want to hear about how you can communicate like a Comp Strategist? Give our podcast on the topic a listen! 

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